The following section contains a number of helpful articles to help you plan for your self-assessment, benchmark and improve your environmental performance. The EnviroVeg manual has been developed as a resource to help Australian growers to practically adopt a range of measures to improve both business profitability and the ongoing sustainability of their land. We hope the following sections are helpful as you plan to complete your self-assesment under the Program.

A guide to preparing for your self assessment

1. Use the tools outlined in the Program Manual

The EnviroVeg Program Manual contains a number of helpful spreadsheets and management tools to help you plan environmental management on your property.

2. Look at what you are already doing

Growers who complete quality assurance schemes or are active in local Natural Resource Management bodies traditionally receive strong results against the EnviroVeg Program criteria. Where possible, review the chemical handling documentation, soil test results or other activities you have completed throughout the year.

3. Ask your coordinator

The AUSVEG Environment Coordinator is always available to help growers through the self assessment process, which can be completed in just around 10 minutes over the phone! Get in touch by calling (08) 8221 5220 and asking for Andrew Shaw.


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