Environmental management major concern for modern growers

Release date: 5/06/2012

AUSVEG, the national Peak Industry body for the Australian vegetable industry, has called for recognition of the environmental efforts of vegetable growers this World Environment Day.

Environmental management major concern for modern growers


While urban perspectives on issues such as land conservation and energy consumption often dominate conversations, Australian growers are quietly working to improve land management practices said Environmental Coordinator Jordan Brooke-Barnett.

“Australian farmers are custodians of a large percentage of Australia’s land mass, so have an essential role to play in ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the land they work. Australian growers earn a living off the land, and recognise the need to protect and invest in natural assets such as creeks and waterways,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett.
With World Environment Day putting the spotlight on positive environmental action across the world, the day offers opportunities for Australians to recognise the efforts of industries such as vegetable production which are investing in practices which ensure that food is produced in a sustainable manner.

AUSVEG is working with vegetable growers throughout Australia through the EnviroVeg Program to promote sustainable practices in the industry. The Program provides growers with resources and tools to benchmark their environmental performance in areas such as water and soil management, so they can improve their practices each year.

“EnviroVeg is an industry-led program which supports vegetable growers to put in place practices which improve the environment. We congratulate growers for their willingness to adapt their practices to benefit the environment, such as by only using the required levels of chemicals and fertilisers, and utilising land management practices which improve the health of their soil and use less water,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett.
With food security an ongoing concern for Australia, it will be important to maintain the level of land available for food production.

“Through the EnviroVeg Program, AUSVEG is helping Australian growers to adopt practices which limit issues such as soil degradation and ensure that their land is productive into the future.”

For further information on EnviroVeg visit  The EnviroVeg Program is funded by HAL using the National Vegetable Levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.

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