About Us

EnviroVeg is the vegetable industry's leading environmental program developed specifically for vegetable growers.

Overview of EnviroVeg

EnviroVeg provides growers with guidelines and information on how to manage their business in an environmentally responsible manner. It provides a visible way of demonstrating a responsible attitude towards the environment. It also assists growers by showing the community that they are responsible environmental managers.

Growers achieving environmental certification may also benefit from a marketing edge. EnviroVeg is an industry owned and developed environmental program for vegetable growers. It is FREE to all levy paying vegetable growers

Why should I join EnviroVeg?

  • To have your environmental practices recognised and acknowledged

  • To identify the farming practices that you already have in place which have a beneficial environmental impact

  • To demonstrate to the community that you are actively engaged in environmentally responsible vegetable production

  • To get information from the program’s website and newsletters on useful sites, courses and information

  • To get information about any subsidies, grants or funding this is available to growers wishing to make environmental improvements on farm

We encourage all Australian vegetable growers to join our fast growing Program and have the resources and tools for their business to thrive as an environmentally friendly growing operation.

Sign up now on our website or contact the Environment Coordinator, AUSVEG on 03 9822 0388 for more information.