EnviroVeg Platinum

EnviroVeg Platinum is a newly-launched voluntary Program which builds on the highly-successful EnviroVeg Program. Growers seeking additional recognition for their practices are now able to have their practices verified by an independent party and can access exciting new rewards under the Scheme.

EnviroVeg has teamed up with Coles to provide growers with an opportunity to display their environmental initiative. 

Platinum Growers
EnviroVeg is about producing the best quality vegetables while making positive steps to protect our environment. This is why we’re proud to promote our Platinum members, as they have chosen to lead the way in running their properties in an environmentally responsible manner. 

AUSVEG and the EnviroVeg team are proud to list the following growers as part of the EnviroVeg Platinum scheme:
  • Belinda Adams, Coastal Hydroponics
  • Graeme Pitchford, Pitchford Produce
  • Colin Houston, Southern Fields
  • Chris Mills, Flavorite
  • Gaetano Cummaudo, Cummaudo Farms
  • Jim Trandos, Trandos Farms
  • Allison Clark, Houston's Farm
  • Robert Cerchiaro, Hillston Farm
  • Jasper Farms
  • Glenn Favero, Favero Gardens 
  • 4 ways Fresh produce
  • Sutton Farms
Becoming a Platinum Grower
To find out information on becoming an EnviroVeg Platinum grower, you can consult the Platinum Rules document (Version 1.2). This document contains all the information relevant to the Platinum sheme, including where to start, what it involved and a list of approved third-party auditors.

Auditing Process Feedback Form
In order for you to provide comments on the auditing process, a document is available that can be returned to AUSVEG. Auditors are notified that growers can provide feedback on their assessment.

The feedback form can be accessed here and emailed to or mailed to our offices.

Further information on EnviroVeg Platinum
For further information on the EnviroVeg Platinum scheme please contact the AUSVEG Environment Coordinator on (08) 8221 5220 or email


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This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.