EnviroVeg GOLD

To be eligible for the ‘Gold’ membership a grower must first submit a Self-Assessment to AUSVEG for review. This can be submitted either through the online system or in hard copy using the self-assessment form provided with the Program Manual.
Achieving ‘Gold’ membership requires the grower to be able to demonstrate environmental performance through achieving an 85% total score on their current EnviroVeg Self-Assessment. If a grower with ‘Gold’ membership drops below 85% on any subsequent annual self-assessments they go back to ‘Basic’ membership.

The grower will then need to submit an Environmental Action Plan to AUSVEG using the template provided in the Program Manual and on the EnviroVeg website in the member ‘Resources’ section. This document outlines planned activities and environmental improvements over the next year and will be an important reference document should the grower intend to achieve ‘platinum’ level membership.

Once the grower has completed and submitted the self-assessment and Environmental Action Plan, they will be sent a certificate which acknowledges their membership status. In addition, ‘Gold’ member growers will be sent an EnviroVeg gate sign for use on their properties as a means of displying their efforts as environmental stewards.

Once the grower has achieved ‘Gold’ membership, they may then choose to progress to Platinum level membership and subject themselves to random audits, with the added benefit of being able to display the EnviroVeg logo on their fresh produce packaging.


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This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.